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This notice is to inform you that the Annual General Meeting of the Tawharanui Open Sanctuary Society Inc. is to be held at 1pm on Sunday 1st September 2019 at the Woolshed, Tāwharanui Regional Park.
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Species Reintroduction

The most exciting part of any restoration project is the successful re-introduction of missing species. However, translocation of flora and fauna is high risk/high return.

Natural plant and animal communities of the Auckland mainland are heavily depleted as a result of habitat clearing and plant and animal pests. Many iconic New Zealand birds such as kiwi, pateke, kakariki, rifleman, whitehead, stitchbird, saddleback and kokako are locally extinct. Many other species are still present but in low numbers.

A major objective of the Tawharanui Open Sanctuary is to restore these key components of Auckland’s ecosystems either through active translocation programs or by managing habitats to allow for species to re-colonise areas that were previously hostile.

At Tawharanui we are fortunate to have had success with both translocations and self-reintroductions.

Forest Gecko
Green Gecko
North Island brown kiwi
North Island robin
Oi (grey-faced petrel)
Diving petrel
Fluttering shearwater
Returned 2005
Translocated 2005
Translocated 2005
Translocated 2006-2007
Translocated 2007
Translocated 2007
Confirmed breeding 2008
Translocated 2008-2010
Translocated 2009-2010
Confirmed breeding 2009
Translocated 2012
Confirmed breeding 2012
Confirmed breeding 2014
Translocated 2014

TOSSI members play a vital role in many aspects of species translocation. We assist in gaining funding for these programs, help catch birds at the source population, assist in releasing birds and manage or assist with on-going monitoring of the released birds.

Further translocations of threatened species are being considered but will depend upon an assessment of the habitat available at Tawharanui and whether Auckland Council and TOSSI have the resources to manage these programs. Translocation programs are expensive and time consuming and generous sponsors are critical to their success.


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